Officer 8837
Environmental Health Officer
First appearance 12th February 2016
Number of appearances 1
Played by Mark Folan Deasy

The Environmental Health Officer called at Nick's Bistro in February 2016 following a complaint from Beth Sutherland that a meal that she had eaten there had brought her out in a rash. The problem was caused when she had a hairdo at Audrey's and a stressed David Platt failed to carry out a patch test before using a new shampoo. Audrey overheard about Beth's problem and realised what the true cause was, making David confess to Nick Tilsley. Beth overheard the confession in a bistro and a row was in full progress when the officer arrived to carry out his inspection. Matters where explained to him but he told Nick that he was obliged to complete his inspection, even if the complaint had been retracted. The visit caused Nick to lose some customers on the spot.

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