Alan worries about his reputation now that he’s bankrupt and thanks Elsie for her support. Elsie tells Sandra to leave. Albert demands a two shilling win from Stan on the World Cup result and manages to increase it to 32 shillings on several rounds of "Double or quits". Hilda gloats over Elsie’s money problems. Sandra asks Lucille to check if there’s a room at the Rovers going for her. Annie refuses to let her spare room go. Stan tries "Double or quits" again and his debt to Albert reaches £25, 16 shillings. Stan agrees to try dominoes and his losings reach £1,600. Maggie gets a worrying letter from Les's brother in Birmingham telling her that Les is drinking again. The Howards put on a brave face and go into the Rovers where Piggott annoys them. Stan and Albert try darts. Stan loses again and now owes Albert £3,200 but Annie finds out that they have been gambling on her premises against the licence. Stan declares the debt void. Billy phones Annie with some news.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Sweet music for Ena but the Howards strike a low note.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,450,000 homes (3rd place).
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