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Episode 1002
Production code P694/2
ITV transmission date 26th August 1970 (Wednesday)
Stories by Harry Driver
John Temple
Leslie Duxbury
Writer Leslie Duxbury
Designer Tim Farmer
Director Bill Podmore
Producer June Howson
Previous episode 24th August 1970
Next episode 31st August 1970


Elsie gives Sandra a hard time over her nights out. Billy returns to start afresh in Weatherfield. Maggie wonders if she should see Les. Maggie suggests Billy ask Alan about buying his garage. Annie is pleased that Billy is making plans as she wants him to be ambitious. Bet takes Lucille and Sandra to a party, they meet Frank Bradley and Judd Johnson. Sandra lets Elsie think she's going to the pictures. Alan tells Billy he'll show him around his garage. Frank dances with Sandra and, taking an interest in her, invites her on a trip to London with him and Judd as they're doing a driving job. She says she's fed up at home and agrees to set off with them at 6am the next day.


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