Duke has spent the night on Stan’s bed. Hilda feeds the dog up on stew before discovering from Bet that greyhounds won’t run if they’re full. Ken's mini won’t start and Val is not pleased. Len advises Stan to back against Duke but he won’t listen to advice. Len and Ray can’t get the car started either. Elsie goes job-hunting. Suspecting Stan knows something they don't, Len and Ray bet on Duke who is too full to run. Ken and Val argue about the car. Len finds out that Tommy Deakin has kidded Stan that men are after him for nobbling Duke. They tell Stan that some large and threatening men have been asking after him. A young Salvation Army woman sells Ray The War Cry in the Rovers, giving him an idea. Alan mends the mini as a favour, which annoys Billy who says they should have charged for the job. They argue and Alan walks out.


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