Elsie gets a job selling for Charm Cosmetics door-to-door. Alan tells Elsie he’s quit the garage job and they row over his pride. Ray plans a trip to the Salvation Army for a laugh. Bet takes up with Frank Bradley, much to Ray’s disgust. Frank tells him that he’s finished with Judd Johnson. Len hears from Elsie about the row between Billy and Alan. He tells Elsie she shouldn’t have made Alan go cap in hand to Billy. Lucille gets annoyed when Frank, Bet and Ray have a free laugh at the Salvation Army service after she is moved by the testimony of bereaved John Hill at the meeting. Alan tells Elsie that he couldn’t beg Billy for the job. They reach an understanding about their failures in life. Billy and Alan make up and Alan realises he is no longer his own boss.


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Elsie Howard: "All I wanted, all I ever wanted, was to be loved... I just wanted somebody to look after me... to protect me."


Elsie Howard: "I’ve never known what it’s like to be a success. Not in a way that mattered, the way that I wanted to be. I could have been something, Alan. When I was a kid I used to stand in the middle of our back yard, right in the middle of that midden with all the washing flappin’ round me and the kids screamin’. I used to say to meself, ‘Elsie, kid, one day you’ll be somethin’.’ Just another broken promise in a lifetime of broken promises."

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