It's the day of the court hearing to see about transferring the licence for the Rovers to Annie's name. Irma is short with Bet. Lucille goes to see Arthur Noblett and tries to help him in his house and with his shopping. He is not very grateful, upsetting her. Ray is unsympathetic. Annie sets off for the hearing. Irma and Bet have a row over Bet entertaining Frank Bradley, a thief, in the flat which she and David shared and tells Bet that she doesn't know what it's like to lose a husband and a baby. Bet breaks down and tells Irma that she had a baby when she was sixteen and he was taken off her. The two make up, prior to their holidaying together. Noblett is angry that she bought his shopping at the Coronation Street Corner Shop rather than the cheaper Higgins's. He tells her to clear off and not come back. She rings Major Parrett who tells her to have another go. Annie comes back from the court with the news that she is the new landlady of the Rovers and gives a round of drinks on the house to mark the occasion. Frank is surprised when Irma says he can go in the flat to speak to Bet. Frank tells Bet he's moving on and leaving for Coventry. In an effort to make Frank change his mind, Bet decides not to go on holiday to Torquay with Irma after all but to stay behind with him.


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