Lucille stays out for the night. Worried about her, Annie visits the encampment and calls the gypsies liars when they say they haven't seen her. She also tells Hilda off for giving Reuben a meal. Ena sees John Smith buying children's medicines in the Corner Shop and drags out of him that his five-year old son is ill. John tells her they can't get a doctor to visit them. Ray suspects the gypsies of stealing the scrap. Annie gets the residents to sign a petition against the gypsies. Lucille returns having spent the night at Vera Bland's, a friend of hers. Alan and Billy fix the gypsies' cars which have been sabotaged. Annie bars the gypsies from the Rovers. When the Ogdens and Elsie threaten to leave as well a furious Annie allows Betty to serve them. Ray accuses Reuben Ward of stealing the scrap. Unable to find a doctor herself Ena phones a Catholic Priest and asks him to find a doctor for the Smiths. Elsie is stunned when her stepson Mark Howard arrives to see his father, never having been aware he had a son.


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  • With no credited producer, H.V. Kershaw again took up the duties again but continued to be credited as executive producer from this episode onwards.
  • The countdown clock for this episode appears to have broken down shortly before recording began and an old pocket watch is hastily substituted in its place! If the time on the watch is accurate, recording commenced at 2.48pm.
  • TV Times synopsis: Annie and Ray challenge the gipsies - and Elsie is surprised by a newcomer.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,250,000 homes (2nd place).
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