Elsie and Mark get to know each other. Ray gets together some heavies to get the scrap back from the gypsies. Annie petitions the police to get rid of the gypsies. Alan is surprised to see Mark waiting for him at home. Lucille tries to stop the oncoming fight by warning Reuben Ward and John Smith and going off to the encampment herself. Irma and Hilda ask Elsie to get them jobs as Charm Cosmetics' girls. She puts them off with talk of references, medicals and the rough estates they’ll have to visit. Ellen, Flora and Lucille cower in the caravan as Ray and his mates fight the gypsies. An axe is put through the caravan window. Elsie agrees to let Mark stay at No.11 until he can find somewhere else. The police break up the fight and move the gypsies on. When Lucille hears Annie led the petition that caused the eviction she throws a brick through a police car window. Elsie is annoyed that Alan didn't tell her he had a son. He tells her that he thought she wouldn’t marry him if she knew he had a son and promises her he has no more secrets. Annie is horrified to hear that Lucille has been locked up in a cell for the night.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Violence flares in the gipsy camp.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,750,000 homes (3rd place).
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