Billy gets Bill Sweeney’s terms to lend money to Irma to buy the Corner Shop outright. Says she’ll write to Maggie in Birmingham. Ena feels put out with Handel hanging around No.5. Minnie tells him that she’s disappointed when he tells her that his intentions are honourable. Irma decides she's definitely going to buy Maggie out with the borrowed money. Annie thinks Mark Howard is a nice young man and hopes Lucille will like him. Mark asks Lucille is she is free that night. While his room at the Rovers is decorated, Billy moves in with Minnie. Maggie suddenly returns, much to Irma's surprise. Mark tells Alan that Laura foretold his business affairs going badly. Handel is upset to hear Billy is Minnie's new lodger. Lucille agrees to go out with Mark to spite Ray. Elsie is worried that Mark is trying to lure Alan back to his mother. He tells her how much he hates his ex-wife. Ena tells a surprised Maggie that Irma is planning to buy her out.


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