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Episode 1025
Production code P694/25
ITV transmission date 16th November 1970 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Esther Rose
John Temple
Writer Julian Roach
Designer Tim Farmer
Director Eric Prytherch
Executive Producer H.V. Kershaw
Previous episode 11th November 1970
Next episode 18th November 1970


Alan tells Elsie that Mark overheard her and Len and found it embarrassing to be in the same house with them. Billy's room is finished. Betty tells Annie of the interest Billy has been showing in Irma. Billy reluctantly agrees to move back. Alan tells Elsie that she's not to let Len in the house when he's not there. Annie tells Irma to keep away from Billy. Elsie is furious at Mark's allegations and gets Len to tell Alan that nothing went on between them. Alan is angry when Elsie calls Mark a liar. Billy moves back to the Rovers. Irma tells Billy about Annie's warning and they decide to hatch a plot to teach Annie a lesson. Elsie confronts Mark. He denies everything but then tells her that he wants Alan to be happy, inferring that she isn't the one to do that. She walks out. Alan accuses Mark of being jealous of Elsie and tells him that he will not let him turn him against Elsie. Elsie tells Alan to do what he thinks is right. A chance remark from Irma gives Billy an idea and he tells Annie he can't finish with Irma, even if he wanted to, hinting that she is pregnant.


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