Stan can't understand why Annie has cancelled their tea. Hilda is suspicious about Annie’s motives in inviting him and tries to find out what went on. Ray agrees to teach Val to drive. Irma winds up Hilda by saying that Stan is obviously keeping the truth from her. Ray gives Val her first driving lesson. Hilda thinks Annie wanted to warn Stan from being amorous with Betty. Bet tells her the truth, having heard it herself from Betty. Elsie and Emily worry about Val's reputation. Gregg Flint and Gary Strauss turn up, telling a delighted Elsie that they're on leave. Elsie tells them that Joe is at Minnie’s. Hilda and Stan are upset that people think they're a joke. Elsie tries to warn Ray off Val but he refuses to listen. Gregg and Gary turn up at No. 5 to find out Joe has deserted from the US Army and tell him they're taking him back.


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