Billy bets Annie that having Bet behind the bar improves custom. Val accuses Ena of writing the letter. She is hurt. Jean Moseley arrives in the Street looking for Joe Donelli. She shows Greg Flint bruises which Joe gave her when he got drunk. She wants compensation. Irma worries about being alone with Joe and tries to get Hilda to come round for supper but Joe puts her off and forces Irma to stay with him. Irma breaks down. Ray accuses Elsie of writing the letter. She tells him to get lost. Irma begs Joe to leave her alone. Annie realises Bet is an asset and agrees to let her stay. A guilty Emily tells Ena and Elsie that she wrote the letter.


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Annie Walker (about Bet Lynch): "Does her name sound as though it ought to be over a pawn shop or is it just that I’m prejudiced?"


Valerie Barlow: "Act natural and friendly and people round here start imagining all sorts of things, don’t they?"

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