Episode 103
Production code P228/103
ITV transmission date 6th December 1961 (Wednesday)
Stories by Vince Powell
Harry Driver
Editor John Finch
Writer H.V. Kershaw
Designer Denis Parkin
Director John Moxey
Producer Derek Granger
Previous episode 4th December 1961
Next episode 11th December 1961


The Cheveskis prepare to leave England. Harry refuses to let Concepta return to work permanently. Swindley asks Albert to be the new caretaker at the Mission. The residents throw a leaving party for the Cheveskis, Elsie says a tearful goodbye to them and Len runs them to the docks.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit


  • The Equity actors' strike began to bite further on the programme and this episode saw the final appearances of several cast members until 1962 who had opted for or been given six-month contracts in the summer of 1961 as opposed to the year-long contracts signed by other artists:
The cast of the programme was then reduced to a core of fourteen on-screen characters however this episode and the next did feature the sole appearance of credited guest cast members during the strike. In this episode eight assorted children appeared. One of them was played by Peter Noone, later the lead singer of the 1960s pop group Herman's Hermits. His appearance in Episode 104 was as Stanley Fairclough, son of Len.
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