Val gets excited about the move to Montego Bay. Elsie is summoned by her boss, Mrs Dawn Painter. Alan wants Elsie to ask for an extra £3 a week to help pay off their debts which she is pleased to see that they have reduced by a large degree. Painter tells her saleswoman Mavis Sidlow didn't sell anything for a month and wants to know why. Minnie prepares for Handel's arrival from Whaley Bridge but Albert refuses to have a conscientious objector in his house. Ken is afraid that there is too much poverty in Jamaica to feel comfortable there. They worry about Albert living on his own and try to get him interested in living with Beattie Pearson. He raises no objections to their move but says he’s capable of looking after himself. Handel looks for accommodation. Mavis calls at No.11 and tells Elsie she's had a breakdown. She asks Elsie to let her do her area a bit at a time. Elsie says she'll do her best. Albert agrees to Handel staying at No.1 when Minnie threatens to return home with him. Mavis tells Elsie she had a breakdown because her husband left her and her three kids. Elsie tells her to leave Mrs Painter to her.


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