Episode 1044
Production code P694/44
ITV transmission date 18th January 1971 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Esther Rose
John Temple
Writer Susan Pleat
Designer Eugene Ferguson
Director Richard Argent
Producer Leslie Duxbury
Previous episode 13th January 1971
Next episode 20th January 1971


Ray and Len climb over each other to please Gina. They both make arrangements to meet her at the Rovers at dinnertime. Minnie and Handel find Albert too regimental in the way that he organises rotas at No.1. Val wants to see Edith before they emigrate. Handel gets Lucille and Emily to prepare No.5 for Minnie. Alan and Elsie make up. Both Ray and Len meet Gina at the pub but she rushes out to make lunch, leaving them in each other's company. Handel plans to ask Minnie for lodgings. Minnie enters No 5 with trepidation but agrees to move back and takes Handel in. Albert takes the news badly, having prepared a washing-up rota and afraid of being left alone when the Barlows leave. Ken plans to sell his car through Billy. He suggests that they sail to Jamaica from Scotland after seeing Edith. Albert confides in Len that he is penniless but Ray hints to the Ogdens that he could be wealthy with his money under the mattress. Minnie and Handel settle in. Elsie tells Len and Ray that Gina is taking them for a ride. Stan convinces himself that Albert is rich and wonders how to get his hands on the money.


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Guest castEdit



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