Episode 1046
Production code P694/46
ITV transmission date 25th January 1971 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Esther Rose
John Temple
Writer Malcolm Lynch
Designer Eugene Ferguson
Director Eric Prytherch
Producer Leslie Duxbury
Previous episode 20th January 1971
Next episode 27th January 1971


Ray thinks someone's been sleeping in his bed. Handel is annoyed at the way that Ena bullies Minnie so he persuades her to lead Ena a dance. Lucille suggests that Albert puts up an advert for a housekeeper for company once Ken and Val have gone. Stan is sure Albert is wealthy. Albert tells Hilda he isn't. She is furious. Minnie and Handel hide in the shop and No. 14 as Ena searches for them. Ken gives Billy his car to sell. Albert advertises for a housekeeper. Len and Ray catch Gina Fletcher's taxi-driving boyfriend Charlie Braddock shaving at No.9.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Handel Gartside: "I’ve been through the Old Testament a score of times. There’s a book of Ruth and a book of Esther but there’s no book of Ena. She speaks for herself."


Ena Sharples: "Minnie Caldwell - the scarlet women, living in sin!"


Ena Sharples: "Whenever I move out, the devil moves in."

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