The firemen arrive to put out the blaze and hear that Val is still inside. They have to use breathing apparatus to enter No.14. They have to drag Ken back from the flat when he tries to enter. The neighbours are shocked to hear that Val is in the burning building and watch as she is brought out and given first aid. Ena advises Lucille not to say too much to Albert until they know all the facts but he hears the commotion outside and guesses something is very wrong. He sees Val being taken to the Infirmary and Ena takes him into the Rovers for a brandy while Lucille looks after the twins. Val is taken into the casualty department as the neighbours wait anxiously in the pub for news. Len fetches Ken back and he announces to the stunned regulars that Val has died. Taken into the back room, Ken tells a devastated Albert that Val didn't suffer. Len relates to the regulars that Val was dead before the fire started, killed by the faulty plug. Ken brings Albert home and sits upstairs with the twins while he remembers his wife. The next morning, Maggie opens the Corner Shop while Ena shops for Albert. Ken walks through the remains of the destroyed flat and again remembers Val. He breaks down. He is asked to go to the Coroner's Office and rings Edith who says she can't come to the funeral as no one can look after Alfred. Ray offers to take the twins to Glasgow with Lucille and they leave with a goodbye from their father, Edith tasked with telling them that their mother is dead. Maggie wonders at the number of officials going into the flat. Mr Weaver of the Council tells Len that he's going to recommend the demolition of the maisonettes as the fire has exposed structural faults.


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Albert Tatlock: "I've had my life. I've had a good run. Why couldn't He have taken me 'stead of Valerie?"


Irma Barlow: "It's something to do with being born a Barlow, or marrying a Barlow... life seems to have it in for us."

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