Elsie and Irma enjoy the charade. Irma is mistaken for the Howards' daughter. Ernie decides he can't ask Emily to marry him for false reasons. The Howards are formally introduced to Annie but she has to play along also as she's putting on false airs herself with host Mr Brown and fellow-guest Colonel Cantrill. Alerted by a panicking Billy, the imposters escape when the real Mayor arrives. Maggie tells Ernie that Emily knows about his dilemma. He gives up the Mission but the committee apologises and everything is sorted out to his satisfaction but not Emily's. Hilda makes her own protest poster. Ken rings to say that he’s returning from Glasgow and says he’ll lodge with Minnie. Annie arrives home, keen to talk to her son. The Rolls is hit by a car driven by Tom Hedley while parked outside a fish and chip shop.


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