Lucille is accused of riot in the Weatherfield Gazette although many residents are angry about her injury. As the builders dumped bricks on Lucille's foot, Maggie refuses to serve them in the Corner Shop. Edith worries that Ken won’t spoil the children enough. Geoffrey Hunter, PR man for the Mark Brittain Warehouse, turns up and tries to win the residents over. He shows Annie and Lucille a model of the warehouse and starts to bring the others over, one by one, with promises of jobs and business. Irma tells Ray she has given the shelves job to a joiner in Palmerston Street as he was £2 cheaper. Mr Hunter points out the employment opportunities that the warehouse will bring and the benefits of the community centre. Ken is worried that the neighbours are spoiling the twins and thinks Maggie’s idea about getting someone in is a good one. Len tells Ray that all jobs have to go through the books, even ones for friends and neighbours. Ken reminds Emily that Ena is returning tomorrow and she will help sort out the warehouse protests. Betty tells Maggie that she's set her heart on looking after the twins.


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