Trying to get to the Mission Hall to help Albert, Minnie tells a puzzled Ena that she's going out to look at the snow. Frank has to work extended hours for Christmas but before he goes he warns Ken that Len is on the warpath. Harry invites the residents to a house-warming party they're having. Elsie returns from Christmas shopping to a series of complaints from Dennis that his tea's not been made. Minnie brings Albert a hot water bottle and begs for a chance to play Ena's harmonium to satisfy a secret ambition but Martha arrives and stops her. Annie waxes lyrically about the alterations she plans for the Rovers, annoying Jack. Len calls at No.3 and argues with Ken about Stanley. Ken insists the boy is lying, further angering Len. Martha tells Minnie to forget about the harmonium. They drop hints to Concepta about being invited to the party. Minnie asks Martha to keep Ena occupied while she sneaks back to the Vestry to play the harmonium. The Walkers don't know if they can make the party. The sound of the harmonium being played beautifully reaches the Rovers. Martha tries to get to the Vestry before Ena hears it but the notes reach the Snug as she takes her seat. Martha warns Minnie but she isn't concerned and plays again. Ena thinks the music comes from a record but Annie points out where it's coming from. Ena storms over the road and bangs on the door to her old home. Albert and Martha answer it and try to stop her coming in but she barges her way through and finds Minnie hidden in a cupboard. She demands to know what's going on.


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