Elsie advises Lucille not to say anything to Ken but she is worried about Peter and Susan. Hilda overhears Billy asking Lucille to put a bet on the horses for him, saying it's a sure thing. Hilda passes the tip onto Stan and also puts money on it herself. Alan thinks Margaret Lacey is rough with the twins when she calls at the garage. News about Stan's "sure thing" spreads, with Bet, Len and Alan putting money down. Annie turns the cruise down, citing her commitment to the Rovers. Harold asks Billy to have a word with her. Stan buys an old motor bike from Billy for £5. Margaret recognises Lucille and asks her not to tell Ken about her past. She's sorry for how she acted at the orphanage but says she wasn't much more than a child herself. Annie admits to Billy that she turned the cruise down as she doesn't want to spend so much money on something frivolous. Billy convinces her to go. Harold passes on Stan's tip to Billy. Billy realises Hilda has been eavesdropping. He is amused when the horses don't come in and Lucille tells him she forgot to place the bet for him. Peter and Susan's teacher, Mrs Fielding, calls on Ken.


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Lucille Hewitt: “People don't change Elsie, they just get clever at covering their tracks.”

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