Len gives Ken some books for the twins from the centre. Mrs Fielding tells Ken that Peter and Susan have become unruly at school and have become hard. He attributes it to Val's death but she says this is more recent. Billy announces Annie's planned cruise. Hilda reminds Annie that she's only going because Jack is dead. Hilda hears about Stan buying a vehicle from Billy and assumes he's bought a car. She's thrilled. Margaret finds one of the books has been scribbled on and goes to discipline the twins. Ken goes to Elsie, Alan and Len for advice. The three of them end up arguing over their failures as parents. Billy buys the bike back for £7 as Stan can't shift it. Lucille tells Margaret she's telling Ken about their time in the orphanage but Margaret begs for a second chance. She tells Lucille she's exaggerated everything in her head. Len apologises to Ken for one of the books being scribbled on. Alan meets with a mysterious woman, Barbara Bromley, who gets in his car.


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