Alan leaves work to attend to some business. Albert tells Billy about Alan being with a woman. Billy doesn't want to know. Ken takes Bet on to look after Susan and Peter. She alters her hours at the Rovers so she can have the days free. Barbara Bromley turns up at the garage and waits for Alan. Billy starts warning her off Alan but she explains he was selling her car and buying a new one and she's here to pay him £25. Billy tells Alan the business should go through the garage. Alan realises Elsie is suspicious and gets her to ask about Barbara before telling her the truth. Elsie wishes he'd said something earlier but he had to wait until the deal went through. Lucille accuses Billy of favouritism in giving Bet dinners off. Ken is surprised how capable Bet is. Ray and Irma decide to teach Stan a lesson when they discover he sleeps during his night watchman's work at Hulmes Bakery.


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Bet Lynch: "People play the roles they're cast in."

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