The Hewitts prepare for the house-warming party. Concepta is stressed and picks arguments with Harry. Len tells them he's arranged for Nellie to pick up Lucille from school and take her home with her. Dennis doesn't want to go to the party as it'll be full of old people. Elsie is annoyed that neither Linda nor Bill have written to her. Ena argues with Florrie over her Christmas club money. Concepta has invited Minnie and Martha to the party via Ena, but Ena doesn't convey the message as she isn't speaking to them and blanks them when she comes into the house. Martha is annoyed when she calls into the Corner Shop and hears that Florrie and Dennis have been invited to the party. Annie wants Concepta to return permanently as Rovers barmaid but knows Harry is against it. Annie gives Jack the impression that Concepta will be returning and demands that the entire pub is modernised. Jack tells Harry about Concepta's return and is told it's not settled. Martha and Minnie sit alone in the Snug, thinking they've not been invited as Harry buys in more bottles. He goes home and he and Concepta row about the bar job. Elsie insists that Dennis puts on a suit for the party. The residents start to arrive at the party where Harry and Concepta try to put on a brave face. Annie leaves for the party as Minnie and Martha watch on jealously. Len arrives to fetch them after Ena admits she didn't pass the invitation on. They're outraged at their friend's behaviour. Len proposes a toast to the Hewitts as "the happy couple" but Ena sees through the pretence and mutters to Elsie that they're far from that.


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  • This episode carries no cast credits, only production crew.
  • Annie Walker gives the date the Walkers moved into the Rovers as 14th January 1936, but this was later changed as she celebrated 40 years at the pub in Episode 1749 (19th October 1977).
  • TV Times synopsis: Ena sends her cronies to Coventry. Harry & Concepta have a disagreement on the eve of throwing a house-warming party but stifle their feelings to meet their guests. The whole street arrives, but the party fails to warm up, although two forgotten guests get a late invitation.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,059,000 homes (1st place).
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