Emily stresses over Mrs Waldron’s threats. Olive Rowe rings Ken again and offers to pick him up in her car for work. Stan has told Hilda that he let Ray off because of his arm. Betty tells her that Ray cannot be found anywhere and Hilda starts to fear the worse. Annie bars Stan from the Rovers for life. Hilda looks in the yard for Ray. Olive collects Ken. Annie is coy about questions over her cruise. Hilda buys Minnie a drink by way of an apology. Ernie returns and hears Mrs Waldron’s complaint. The Gazette editor also rings Ernie to complain. Ernie is forced to pay out for a wedding dress and free pictures over the photo mix-up. Ray backs up Stan’s story that he didn’t hit him. Annie insists the door is fixed free of charge and Ray has no option but to ask Stan to do it and pay him an extra £3 a week salary. Hilda is pleased to find that Ray is fine. He drops Stan in it by telling her about the wage rise. Ken offers to introduce Olive to the twins. Emily offers to pay for the wedding dress herself but Ernie refuses. Emily worries that her feelings for Ernie are affecting her work performance. Annie has to lift the ban on Stan when he repairs the ladies' door. Stan pushes his luck with Ray. Betty and Billy wonder what actually happened on Annie's cruise.


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Stan Ogden: "It won’t happen again, Mrs Walker. I must have had a sort of, er…"brainstorm", you know…”
Annie Walker: "That, Mr Ogden, is a physical impossibility."

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