Hilda tells Annie that Stan is having trouble adjusting to not working night shifts. Hilda tries to gossip with Bet as to why Annie won’t talk about the cruise but gets nowhere with her. Ray is furious that Stan is late for work but he can do nothing about it. Albert thinks the census form invades his privacy. Olive Rowe tries to talk to Ken in front of student Nick Turner. The sixth former takes the mickey out of him, saying it’s obvious she’s after him. Albert annoys everyone complaining about the census. Billy warns him it will cost him a £50 fine if he doesn’t complete it. Ray can’t track Stan down. Elsie suggests Hilda finds out what she can at Harold Dewhurst’s shop on Victoria Street. Stan spends his time supping in the Rovers instead of working. Bet helps Albert fill in his census form. Olive tries to manipulate Emily to get closer to Ken when she hears that she lives on Coronation Street. She agrees to meet her and Ernie in the Rovers for a drink. Hilda makes two trips to the butchers but finds nothing. Elsie tells Hilda she saw Harold with another woman outside the upmarket Pack Horse. Ken isn’t pleased to see Olive in the Rovers. Hilda is annoyed to find that Stan is out for the night in Ray’s van. Olive manoeuvres Ernie and Emily and ends up spending the evening with Ken on the pretext of reading the twins a story. Emily isn’t happy at being used by her.


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