Emily is short-tempered over being used by Olive. Ernie tells her Ken might just like being paired off with her. Ken helps Nick Turner with his university applications. He warns him that getting a degree won’t be a passport to fulfilment in life. Nick again takes the mickey over Olive’s interest in him. Hilda tells Annie about George Greenwood and her own lost love in an effort to get her to talk about Harold Dewhurst but fails. Ray lets off steam to Elsie about how much Len is dumping on him. Emily is short with Olive who refuses to feel guilty about her actions, saying there’s nothing moral about being lonely. Albert tries to offload veg from his allotment. Hilda hears that Dewhurst isn’t using the Canal Garage for his servicing and tells Billy it’s because he’s jilted his mother. Ernie tells Ken of Olive’s interest in him. He puts Olive in her place by saying that he couldn’t replace Val. Annie refuses to tell Billy about the cruise. Ray confesses to Elsie that his hand is better but he’s been trying to get more work out of Stan. Ernie reveals that Elsie has landed the job of supervisor at the new warehouse. Hilda, hoping to get a job there herself, is displeased.


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