Elsie receives a letter officially confirming that she is the checking supervisor at the warehouse on £30 a week. She’s delighted as it will help her and Alan get rid of their debts. Ray is fed up with Stan messing up jobs. Billy suggests he try and get Stan different employment. Elsie takes offence at comments from Annie about not being able to handle responsibility. Hilda asks Elsie for a job as a checker but she refuses. Albert is upset when Susan says the dreariness of No.1 upsets her. He can’t afford the materials to decorate nor can he do it himself. Billy jokes that Bet should help him. Mr Pollard requests references from Charm Cosmetics and Miami Modes from Elsie and she realises someone has told him about the 1969 court case. Elsie is upset that the references she has provided aren’t good enough. He tells her that he can't employ her. Billy agrees to pay for the materials when Bet offers to decorate No.1 for Albert. Elsie tells Alan she’s turned the job down as she doesn’t think she’d be compatible with Pollard and they row. Bet also gets money out of Ray to help with the materials. Albert shows his typical lack of gratitude at Bet’s offer. Bet tells Elsie that she saw Hilda going into the warehouse earlier in the day. Elsie confronts Hilda in the Corner Shop where she admits she told Pollard about Elsie's court case. Elsie tells Maggie she’s worried how Alan will react to the truth. Bet tells Billy she saw something amusing on Inkerman Street. Maggie tells Alan the truth about Elsie. He decides to have it out with Pollard.


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