Edith tells Bet she's no longer required at No.3, annoying Ken who wanted her told in a diplomatic way. Elsie tells Alan about the call from the warehouse and her intention to tell them to stick their job. Stella Randell gives Len three tickets to the opening night of the Carousel Club. Alan is puzzled how Maggie knows that Dennis Maxwell is now the personnel manager at the warehouse. Ken asks Edith what her plans are and she admits she doesn’t know. Len and Edith talk Ken into going to the opening night of the Carousel. Maxwell offers Elsie the job back. She says she’ll think about it. The three men go to the nightclub. Elsie takes the job. Ken gets drunk and aggressive at the club, having a go at Len and Ray for thinking that he could easily forget Val. Ken has to be taken home by barmaid Candy Brown only to be greeted by a shocked Edith as he slumps to the floor.


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