Elsie has started work at the Mark Brittain Warehouse. Ena has her interview today for the caretaker's job at the Community Centre. Ken has a hangover and suffers from Edith’s remonstrations. Ena relies on Ernie and Alf to stand by her over the caretaker's job. Ernie tells her he has to be impartial while Ena tells Alf that if he is the same, she will tell the Town Hall that Alf told her about the warehouse before he should have done. Bet is furious when Edith says she's too tarty to be near the twins. Alf and Ernie realise Ena is the best person for the job. Ken has to come home from the college with his hangover. Edith tells Ken she’s told Bet to stay away and Susan saw him drunk. She tells him she’s going to the Children’s Department at the Town Hall to ask for custody of the twins. Ken tells the shocked regulars what Edith is planning. Ena has her interview at the Town Hall. Len calls on Edith and claims the fault is his but Edith won’t listen. Len tells Ken he's going to have to fight for the twins. By a vote, Ena doesn't get the job. Alf and Ernie toss a coin to decide who the loser is who has to tell her the news. Alf loses.


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Minnie Caldwell: (about Ena Sharples) "She bullies me. She's always bullied the name of Christianity."


Ernest Bishop (about Ena Sharples): "She is the best woman for the job."
Alf Roberts: "Oh, there’s no question at all about that. She’s got the authority..."
Ernest Bishop: "Of course - and the understanding..."
Alf Roberts: "Aye, she’s got that an’ all. And she’s a clean living woman..."
Ernest Bishop: "And you know, deep down she’s really a very…gentle person.."
Alf Roberts: "I couldn’t agree with you more…..Heaven knows what she’ll do to us if we don’t give her that job though.

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