Irma confuses Bob Skelton and Keith Mason even more by pretending to be Spanish. Harold bumps into Len in the barbers and claims to be perplexed why he was thrown out of the Rovers. Ray tells Bob and Keith that Irma is French and the Irish girl was her friend. Hetty sees Ena who tells her she couldn’t think of an excuse quickly enough to refuse the job when she was offered it. Hetty wonders if she’s been had. Harold and his son John turn up in the Rovers. John demands to know why his dad was thrown out. Harold and John explain that the woman was John's wife. Billy apologises and Harold and Annie part as friends. Annie tells Billy that she ditched Harold for a Mr Chambers and Harold’s been covering up for her like a gentleman. Hetty tells Minnie that Ena conned her. Bob and Keith call at the shop. Irma pretends to be the French girl and not the Irish one. Keith therefore loses a bet as to whether Irma is Irish or Spanish. Stan gives the game away though when he comes in to tell Irma her mam’s hotpot is ready. Minnie is disgusted at Ena's treatment of Hetty and for being used herself. Alf, Emily and Ernie look forward to the Community Centre opening. Emily and Ernie want to be elected to the committee. Irma agrees to become French again for a date with a business friend of Ray's.


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  • At the conclusion of the final scene involving Irma Barlow's changing accents, Sandra Gough does a final impersonation direct to the camera in the style of the northern comedienne Hylda Baker.
  • TV Times synopsis: Irma, the French colleen, is unmasked.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,250,000 homes (8th place).
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