Ena, Ernest and Emily ready the Community Centre for its opening. Hilda moans that she’s not part of it. Ena thinks Emily’s regretting taking on the job of secretary. Maxwell tells Emily not to be so nervous around him. She asks for half an hour off at lunchtime for the opening. He allows her two hours. The Mayor arrives for the opening but is held up as Tommy Deakin’s cart is in the way. Irma asks the chauffeur for her lost earring but the Mayoress interrupts the search. The earring is found. The Mayor cuts the ribbon and opens the Community Centre, dedicating it to the memory of Thomas Walsh. There is no food for the opening as Emily has got the dates confused with the visit of Sir Julius Berlin the next week and the residents have to make sandwiches in the Corner Shop. Alf and Len think that Ernest and Emily should be replaced on the committee as they’re afraid they’ll be a laughing stock at the town hall. The Mayoress thinks Irma is the Mayor's mistress. The Mayor comes on to Irma but she easily brushes him off. Stan and Hilda think they ought to start hitting back at the people who look down on them and Hilda thinks Stan should investigate if he’s getting his working rights from Len and Ray. The committee bicker over the events that the centre should host with Ernie and Emily wanting more educational events than Maude Braddock and Arnold Sheppard. The Mayoress tells Irma to keep her hands off her husband. Ernie and Emily are in a depressed mood after their day. Stan tells Len and Ray he wants what he's entitled to as a working man and his employment put on a proper footing. They agree to a formal meeting tomorrow.


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