Billy apologises for getting annoyed with Annie when she tried to match-make. He drops hints that Lorna should be invited after all. Ken recommends ex-unionist Charlie Dickinson to the Ogdens. Ivy Tilsley and Edna Gee think there's something going on between Elsie and Dennis Maxwell. Elsie agrees to go out for lunch with Dennis so long as it is just for business. Alan isn’t pleased. Tommy complains about the Rovers' meat pies. Billy is pleased that Lorna has been invited. Charlie Dickinson calls on the Ogdens and Stan tells him how he’s being exploited and subject to continual abuse. Billy dresses to impress when Lorna comes to lunch. Dennis takes Elsie out their lunch, gossiped over by Ivy and Edna. Annie won’t leave Billy alone with Lorna, not wanting to be accused of match-making again. Charlie calls a meeting at the yard with Len in the chair where he tells them how horrified he is by Stan's working conditions. Charlie tells Ray he’s grasping and power mad. He tells Len and Ray that Stan must have a heated toilet with double texture paper available at all times and more money. They refuse the amenities request but agree to pay him £1 a week more over the union rate and shake hands on the deal. Hilda sees his first wage packet under the new conditions and its £1 less than the week before. Stan then discovers he was already on £2 over the rate already so he’s lost money. To Billy’s delight, Annie invites Lorna to come and stay at the Rovers for a while.


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Annie Walker: "Mrs Ogden’s idea of time-keeping seems to insist on keeping at all to herself."

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