Billy helps move Lorna into the Rovers. Ena candidly admits the centre is a handful but snaps at Maggie when she suggests it’s too much for her. Dennis Maxwell is surprised that Alan isn’t jealous of him taking Elsie to lunch. Billy receives a phone call from Chiswick to see if he wants to invest in a self-service bay down there. Annie gives her blessing to him to move, thanking him for stepping into the breach when Jack died. Alf announces a flower show at the Centre but fears Ena’s reaction to the mess it will cause. He tries to get Len to tell her but he refuses. Alan overhears Ivy and Edna talking in the Corner Shop about Elsie and Dennis. Alan is introduced to Maxwell by Ken in the Rovers. They get on well when Maxwell expresses regret for Pollard’s dealings with Elsie and Alan invites Dennis round for a drink at 6.00pm. Len forces Alf to tell Ena who refuses to have the flower show in the Centre because of her hayfever. Alan’s invite puzzles Elsie when Maxwell tells her. Maggie tells Elsie what Alan overheard in the shop before she goes home to join the two men. Lorna asks Annie if she can serve behind the bar as she’s always wanted to do it. Billy isn’t pleased at the thought of the men coming on to her. Elsie is on edge until Maxwell leaves. Billy is uneasy as Lorna serves Len when he is in the middle of telling Alf a dirty joke.


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