Billy overhears Lorna telling Annie she’s managed to get an afternoon off work but has nowhere to go. Billy takes his afternoon off also from the garage and suggests to Lorna that he takes her to Belle Vue. Elsie warns the girls about their timekeeping and promises to inquire if they can have part-time work. She also warns them about minding their mouths and not to gossip. Ken gets a letter and photos from the twins who are settling down well in Glasgow. Len mocks Ena’s claim of hayfever and tells Alf they must fight her. Dennis Maxwell invites Elsie out for the evening. He tells her she mustn’t avoid the good things in life just because Alan’s in business difficulties. Elsie rings Alan who tells her it's okay so long as everything is above board. Annie and Betty aren’t pleased to hear that Ena is blocking the flower show. Alf warns Ena that the flower show is going ahead and calls her bluff by saying they’ve arranged for her to see a specialist. Alan is annoyed to find out that Billy wasn’t in the garage when he also had the afternoon off. Dennis tells Elsie he’ll try and get Arthur Smith, operations manager, to agree to the part-time proposal. Ena threatens to write to the papers claiming overwork if the flower show goes ahead. Alan tells Ken he can’t work out what Maxwell is up to. At the meal, Maxwell tells Elsie of his dishonest and illegal ideas, using his position of authority for personal advantage. Len suggests volunteers to help clear up the centre after the show. Ena agrees. Billy tells Lorna about the London offer and asks her if she likes the place. Maxwell tries to convince Elsie to join him in his scheme.


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