It's Christmas Day: The menfolk have plans to go and see a ladies' football team, the Corinthians, play a charity match. They gather in the street but Dennis refuses to go. Elsie is annoyed at the noise they make, as is Concepta when they call for Harry. She frets about making her first Christmas dinner. Elsie puts on a front but she's been depressed over Ivan and Linda leaving and has made no preparations for a meal. Florrie helps her with suitable foodstuffs from the Corner Shop. Annie gives advice to Concepta on making her meal while Jack helps cook theirs in the Rovers. Dennis is bored and hangs around in the pub where he gives Ena a Christmas kiss. She and Martha have a drink in the snug while Minnie prepares their meal at 15 Jubilee Terrace. Dennis rings Lenny Phillips to see if there's anything going on but gets no luck. The men return from the match but turn down Len's suggestion to go to the Rovers for a drink. A frantic Concepta is annoyed at her meal preparations but is cheered up by the present of a gold watch from Harry. The three ladies eat the remains of the turkey after Amy has had first grab at it. Albert, Frank and Ken spend the day together having eaten a meal prepared by Esther. They remember Ida. Albert tries to recite T'was Christmas Day in the Workhouse but can't remember the words. Ena and Martha enjoy Minnie's Christmas pudding but Ena swallows on one of the four sixpences she's cooked into it. They go to Martha's house to watch the Queen's speech. When their TV goes wrong the Hewitts rush round to watch the the Queen at the Rovers while Lucille recovers from indigestion. Dennis spends Christmas Day with Jed not knowing that Elsie has prepared a Christmas dinner for him. When he returns home, they row but he gets round her by offering to take her to the pictures.


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