Arrangements are taking place for the flower show and the residents suggest ideas to make the street look good in comparison to their rivals in Victoria Street. Dennis Maxwell tells Elsie his proposition was genuine but she refuses to take him seriously. Lorna refuses an invite from Billy to go out as she’s going out with friends. Albert looks at the Victoria Street vegetable allotments and worries that they’ll beat the Coronation Street residents. Alf tells Ena that the parks department is sending someone to assist set up the flower show. Albert is put out that he wasn’t asked. Maxwell asks Elsie if the street is really what she wants for the rest of her life but she is perturbed when a girl is sacked and prosecuted for trying to steal goods. She firmly refuses Maxwell’s offer. George Greenwood, Assistant parks superintendent comes to assist Ena. He hints that he knows someone on the street. Annie recognises Greenwood and tells Betty of his past interest in Hilda. Len and Ray get Alf to agree to them making the stalls for the show and Annie and Maggie battle for the refreshments concession. Maxwell tells Elsie to forget his proposition. Maxwell and Elsie hear from Peter Bromley that Marcus Berlin is visiting the factory to see Maxwell. He thinks Elsie has dropped him in. Annie hopes that romance is blossoming between Lorna and Billy but Lorna tells a shocked Annie that she is getting engaged to somebody who is coming home from Zambia.


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