Lorna wears her engagement ring round her neck. She tells Annie they’re not telling anyone until her parents have met her fiancé. Elsie refuses to talk to Maxwell. Lorna refuses the offer of a night out with Billy. Annie tells Billy not to be so hasty in his approach to Lorna. Albert puts himself forward as a judge for the flower show but Alf takes no notice. Ray and Len get to hear about Hilda and George Greenwood. They can’t wait for Hilda to see George again in the Rovers but Annie keeps Hilda cleaning in the back room. George agrees to be a judge at the flower show and leaves the pub to everyone’s disappointment. Maxwell tells Elsie how disappointed he is with her for shopping her although she denies it. Billy shows a torn Annie a brooch he has bought for Lorna. Betty tells Hilda that Ena wants a part-time cleaner for the centre. Marcus Berlin arrives at the Mark Brittain Warehouse and the head personnel are invited for drinks to meet him. Berlin announces that Dennis Maxwell is promoted to head the services division. Annie tells Billy that Lorna is engaged. Devastated, he doesn’t believe her. Billy asks Lorna if it’s true. Lorna is annoyed that Annie broke a confidence and leaves. Maxwell says goodbye to Elsie and tells her Alan is a loser. She tells him he’s nothing but a crook. Hilda brings Ena a hotpot as a bribe for the assistant cleaner's job and comes face to face with George Greenwood.


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