The flower show is set up. Ena admires Albert entries from his allotment but disparages Minnie's weeds from her back yard. Hilda begs Stan to get rid of the Orchid but he refuses. The judges arrive: they include Annie on cakes, Emily on wines, Alf on beer and George Greenwood on flowers and veg. They are introduced to the audience by Len. Elsie worries that Alan is getting in to deep with the Canal Garage. Emily starts to taste the wines. Minnie assists Alf in the beer tasting. Ena catches Hilda trying to hide the Orchid. Maggie delivers the cake for Ray to enter and charges 50p for it. He refuses to tell them why he wants it. Alan demands an answer from Billy and is offered £5 a week more plus 15% of the profits. He agrees and they shake on it. Ray puts his cake in with the other entries. Minnie gets drunk helping Alf until Ena leads her away, as Emily downs more wine. Annie finishes judging and a slurring Alf announces that Len has won the cake-decorating competition. The winner is horrified as Ray and Stan laugh. Billy and Alan find Emily drunk outside the Community Centre. Len realises Ray has set him up but Elsie, Maggie and Irma all deny baking it in his behalf. George recognises the Orchid as one of his own from Oakenshaw Park to Hilda's shame. Elsie and Maggie join Billy and Alan celebrating their business deal. Harriet Esmondhalgh wins the beer prizes. Albert is praised for his Sweet Peas, Dahlias, Geraniums, Cabbages and wins the challenge cup. A tipsy Emily refuses to choose a winner and Alf has to do it for her. Mrs Esmondhalgh is declared the winner. Hilda is sad that she has to stay with Stan and not George as the two say their goodbyes to each other. Billy packs for London, worried that Annie will be alright on her own. She assures him she will be but nevertheless says a tearful goodbye. Stan upsets Hilda when he tells her that she wasn't the only woman he fancied. An anonymous cartoonist has drawn satirical cartoons of the judges for the Gazette - Annie is horrified at hers and threatens legal action against whoever is responsible.


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