Annie continues to rant about the cartoon drawn by “Candidus”. She rings the Gazette and tries, in vain, to find out who drew the cartoons but the editor refuses to tell her. Albert isn’t pleased about his caricature either. Ena has gone to St. Anne's and Irma and Lucille joke that she drew the cartoons while Minnie remembers that Lucille used to be good at drawing at school. Dave Robbins calls on Ken. He lives in Fallowfield now. Hilda investigates the cartoons and points out to Annie that Emily is not represented in any of them. Albert exasperates Ernie in taking his time to choose a picture from a selection of him bowling. Annie accuses Emily, causing her to respond angrily. Dave confesses to Ken that he was in love with Val, but she wasn’t with him. They reminisce about their old band. Elsie is annoyed with the amount of time Alan spends working. Ken digs out his old trumpet and he and Dave decide to start the band up again. Hilda raises suspicions that Ken is avoiding them all and he could be the cartoonist. Emily finds some cartoon sketches in Ernie's drawer at the Camera Shop.


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