Elsie is annoyed as Alan didn’t get in until after midnight from work. Hilda continues to prod Annie’s suspicions about Ken drawing the cartoon. Emily tries to calm matters down. Hilda sees that Ernie is on one of the cartoons and she and Annie reach the conclusion that he can’t be the culprit. Ernie admits to Emily that he drew the cartoons and tells her he's landed a contract to do more for the Gazette. They argue and she tells him many people view them as attacks. Annie calls on Ken who convinces her he’s not the culprit. Dave Robbins tells Ken he’s looked up their old friends and they are all “respectable” and under the thumb of domineering wives, so unable to join the band. Ken puts Dave at ease over Val. They call up the last one on their list - Tim Wade. Len tells Elsie not to criticise Alan. She agrees she’s not being fair. Emily forces Ernie to tell the residents that he did the cartoon but with no spite or malice and Annie is being vain. Annie calls them offensive but no one backs her up. He gives her the original and she rips it up in front of everyone. Emily loses her temper with Hilda’s crowing. Drummer Tim Wade joins Ken and Dave. They play for Minnie. Ernie can’t understand by Emily isn’t proud of him. Albert complains about the noise of the band, saying Val wouldn’t have put up with him. Ken tells him he only put up with him for Val’s sake but he doesn’t care anymore. A friend from the cruise asks Annie for the original of the cartoon and Annie decides she's flattered after all. Emily tells her she’s finished with Ernie.


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