Ken isn’t pleased when Irma and Lucille make fun of the way he stood up to Albert. Beattie Pearson calls on Albert who tells her Ken insulted him but she isn’t interested. Emily mopes over her split with Ernie. Hilda is late for work and tells Betty she’s been lazing in the bath. She discovers Betty has had a shower installed. Ernie looks for Emily but finds out she’s avoiding everyone. He shows Betty an engagement ring that he’s just bought that he wants to give her. Hilda tells Stan she wants a shower bath fitted. Albert wonders why Beattie has stayed all morning and she confesses it’s because she’s worried about Norman who is going out a lot in the evening. Elsie and Alan row over her cooking on a budget. She refuses his request for luxuries like sweetcorn. Ernie asks Emily to call on him but she refuses. Elsie gives Irma her food order and tells her about Alan’s request. Albert scorns Beattie’s fears that Norman’s got another woman. Ken asks Ernie to join the band but he refuses. Irma brings the order round which includes four tins of sweetcorn. She chats for a long time with Alan. Emily calls on Ernie at his request. They row and she returns Ernie's dress ring, walking out before he can give her the engagement ring.


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