Stan and Hilda argue over the shower. Stan asks Irma if he smells and she tells him yes. Albert cons Elsie into sewing some buttons on his best shirt and then washing and ironing it for him. Ernie shocks Betty by asking for a pint of bitter and determines to wait for Emily until she arrives back at the Rovers. She uses the back door to avoid him. Beattie calls on Albert again. Not only has Norman taken up bowling but he’s going to a wrestling match as well. Albert tells Beattie to take a firm stand with him, threatening to leave him if he doesn't do as she tells him. Stan comes to an arrangement with Len to get him to put Hilda off the idea of a shower. Betty tells Emily about the engagement ring but she isn’t impressed. Alan buys chocolates in the Corner Shop for Elsie for their wedding anniversary. Irma looks longingly after him. Ernie continues to drink. Ken prepares for another band practice. Len puts Hilda off a shower by telling her it would cost £250 to £300, dependent on the model, plus a fitting charge. She claims the hot water will exacerbate Stan’s bad back. Irma calls round on Alan with a cream cake and chats him up. Ernie is blind drunk in the Rovers by afternoon closing time. He threatens to haunt Emily. Beattie turns up at Albert’s with a suitcase - she threatened to leave Norman but he went out anyway and she had to go as promised. Albert isn't pleased.


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