The Rovers prepares to host a darts match against the Derby Arms. Annie presses Jack to bank the Christmas takings. Concepta continues to stall Annie over her return to the Rovers as she's afraid to mention the subject to Harry. Annie makes up sandwiches for the darts match. Dennis has a series of run-ins with Ena and is overheard calling her an old bat. Florrie shuts the shop in order to find out what special wares Annie wants before ordering new stock. An impatient Ena fetches her back from the Rovers before Jack can pass on Annie's response. Len tells Harry the Derby Arms have pulled out of the match. Harry lends Len £1 to tide him over until pay day. Len tells Jack the match is off but Jack forgets to tell Annie. Dennis uses the Rovers phone to call Lenny Phillips. Jack leaves him and Len alone in the bar while he gives Florrie Annie's order. Harry wrongfoots Concepta by being in favour of her going back to the Rovers permanently. Annie discovers that four £5 notes are missing from the till. Elsie is shocked when Dennis considers spending £15 on a tape recorder. Jack tells Annie that Dennis was in the Rovers while the bar was unattended. Dennis comes in to buy cigarettes for Elsie only to be barred by Annie with no explanation. Elsie gets the story out of him when he returns home empty-handed. She immediately confronts Annie, who states her right not to serve undesirables. Jack grows suspicious when Len pays for drinks with a £5 note and returns Harry's £1 with the change. Annie is annoyed that she wasn't told about the match as she's prepared food for sixteen. Concepta tells Elsie about the missing £20 and that Dennis was the only person in the pub at the time. Elsie demands the truth from Dennis.


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  • A boy, named as Jimmy, who greets Harry Hewitt is uncredited although he has a line of dialogue.
  • TV Times synopsis: Annie and Jack discover that there is some money missing from the cash register, and suspicion falls on a well-known resident whom Annie refuses to serve in the Rover's Return. Concepta gives the game away and Elsie prepares to do battle again.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,174,000 homes (1st place).
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