Episode 10
Production code P228/10
ITV transmission date 11th January 1961 (Wednesday)
Writer Tony Warren
Designer Denis Parkin
Director Michael Scott
Producer Stuart Latham
Previous episode 6th January 1961
Next episode 13th January 1961


Elsie is in a foul mood and tells Linda that the cause is Ena, who she overheard in the Rovers telling people that she has a fella. She’s determined to do something about it but doesn’t know what yet. Frank is adamant that he's keeping to his word and throwing Ken out but Ida begs him to reconsider. Frank refuses to talk to Ken when he comes down to breakfast. Elsie tries to find out from Florrie and Albert what Ena has been saying to them about her. Dennis shows off to Linda his compere skills that he uses at the Orinoco Club. They row when he badmouths Ivan to provoke her into going back to their flat. Harry gives Albert some old coins for his collection that came into his possession. Harry tells him of the difficulties he’d face in getting another wife when he has a daughter to look after. Sheila and Glynis gossip about Christine and the fact that she faces money problems if her mother’s insurance doesn’t pay out. David plans to go out to the Palais in the hopes of meeting a girl there he knows. Ken questions him about a workmate who’s moved into his own flat, interested in how much he pays. Ida tells Ken that she’s got Frank to reconsider his threat and also gets him to abandon his own ideas about moving out and flat-sharing with fellow students. The landlord takes advantage of the tenancy to No.13 transferring to Christine and puts the rent by 9/- a week. Harry and Concepta dress up for the bus depot dance and Annie lends her some expensive scent and her mink stole. Ena happily shows off an announcement in the personal column of the evening paper, placed by Elsie, and threatening legal action against anyone slandering her.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Elsie Tanner (about Ena Sharples): "That woman's in league with the Devil".


Annie Walker: "My idea of heaven is doing a foxtrot on a French-chalked floor knowing I look right."


Ena Sharples (to Harry and Concepta, who are in a hurry): "Ey, 'ave you seen tonight's paper?"
Harry Hewitt (quickly, before rushing off): "No!"
Ena Sharples (shouting after them): "Well, you may be done-up like Lord and Lady Hunkam-Dunkam but you've got manners like pigs!"

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