Episode 10
ITV release date 18th April 2011
Writer Jonathan Harvey
Producer Phil Collinson
Previous episode Episode 9
Next episode None


After many weeks of distractions, Ken is almost at the end of his Hilary Mantel book but Deirdre is on form, commenting on the clothing items in the catalogue she is leafing through. He snaps at her about her fashion sense in “foot-wide” belts and the fact that she has to provide a constant commentary on her life, just like her mother. The two start to row and Deirdre’s usual Monday night question of “Did you remember to put the bins out?” sends him into overdrive with comments about her lack of trust but she sees right through him: this week, he has forgotten to put the bins out. He is amazed she knew and she tells him she can read him like a catalogue. She smilingly suggests he does it now and he sheepishly does so. Harmony is restored...but Wolf Hall still isn’t finished.


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