Ernie looks for the ring but only confides in Annie as he doesn't want word to get back to Emily. Alf slims for cancer research and asks the residents to sponsor him. Hilda is thrilled with her colour TV and feels she's the envy of the Street. Alf, Len and Ena hold a meeting to establish what is expected of Ena at the centre. Ena runs rings round the councillors as they are unprepared and don't even know what her hours are. Annie is furious to find out Emily is planning to hold her engagement party at the centre and decides not to attend. When Hilda shows off her colour TV to Ernie, he wonders if Stan sold the ring to pay for it. Stan tells Hilda to stop bragging about the TV.


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Len Fairclough: "Ena Sharples might be old, but when it comes to battling she's no lady."


Len Fairclough: “Mrs Sharples, you were never by any chance a member of the trade union were yer?”
Ena Sharples: “I never needed to be when I wanted to get anything.”


Ena Sharples: “There are times when you can get as far as you want in any given direction by just staying where you are already.”

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