Stan comes home to find Hilda and Bet watching the colour television and his own needs not being attended to, including a stain being taken out of his trousers. Emily gets her bottom drawer ready and thanks Lucille for her present of lace pillow-slips. They’re both eager to see the engagement ring. Annie tells Ernie his searching methods are unsystematic and he’s going to make it obvious to Emily that something is wrong. He’s perturbed when Emily says she’s been boasting about it to everyone and he loses his nerve about coming clean, fretting about the expense of a second ring. Ena is annoyed about the lack of notice she is being given about events at the centre and puts up a notice addressed to Ernie and Emily demanding five days’ for her preparations in the future. Annie is annoyed when Ernie suggests her staff might have the ring and points out that there might be a connection between the Ogdens having a new colour television and them being with him when he last saw the ring. Lucille advises Emily to be straight with Ena over centre matters. The Ogdens are outraged when Ernie suggests they might have a valuable item he’s lost. Emily tries to convince Ena that they value her services, mollifying her. Stan advises Ernie to advertise a reward. With Ena on side, Emily is on a high. Stan demands compensation from Annie for the stain on his trousers and she gives him a can of stain remover. Ena gets Lucille to help her set up the engagement party. About to remove the stain, the Ogdens find the ring in the trousers' turn up.


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  • Although Bet Lynch and Hilda Ogden are supposed to be watching cricket on the Ogdens' new colour set, when the camera catches a quick view of the screen it shows the test card.
  • The sequence on the Grape Street set was OB recorded.
  • TV Times synopsis: What a turn-up!
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,600,000 homes (1st place).


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Annie Walker (about the Ogdens): "I have never in my whole life known a couple who would go to such lengths to obtain something for nothing."

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