Lucille asks Elsie for details of how to be a catalogue agent. Elsie yells at her when she questions her too closely as to what Alan’s doing in Leeds. Alan rings Laura Howard to meet him. Ernie doesn’t share Emily’s optimism that the Burgesses will leave quietly. The Burgesses cadge off the Ogdens but Hilda is upset when they complain about her uncomfortable bed and small breakfast. Bet is annoyed that Lucille has pinched her idea of being a catalogue agent. Janet leaves for Leeds. The Burgesses cadge drinks and lunch off the Ogdens. Bet and Lucille argue over the catalogue. Norah Seddon turns up in the Rovers to congratulate Emily on her engagement and makes it clear to the Burgesses that she’ll be on her sister’s side in any argument. Alf helps Maggie with the Corner Shop door lock. Betty makes pointed remarks to Alf about his friendship with Maggie. Norah gives Emily a present of an expensive teapot and warns them the Burgesses are on the way. Laura and Alan get together in Leeds. Alan admits he doesn’t miss her even when she says sometimes she does miss him. She updates him on Mark’s whereabouts. Betty advises Maggie not to see too much of Alf as he's married but gets a flea in her ear. Norah rows with the Burgesses when they turn up at Ernie’s. Sidney breaks Norah's teapot whilst responding. Ernie throws the Burgesses out and Emily shouts at Norah for interfering. Laura and Alan drink to past good times. She invites him round for a meal but he declines. The Burgesses try to leave No 13 without paying Stan the money they owe him but he catches him and gets £2.50 off them. Hilda, in turn, grabs it from him. Janet arrives in Leeds while he is on the phone to Elsie. He tells her he’s staying another night.


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