Janet tells Alan that Helen let it slip in the Rovers that she didn’t visit her in Leicester but no one who matters was listening. Betty tells Maggie that she heard the admission and works out that she was in Leeds with Alan. Hilda hears the end of the conversation. Irma asks for her post office savings book to be sent on. Det Sgt Sharp questions Dave and Ted and hears that Lucille was refused a pay rise. Dave asks him if he suspects it being an inside job. Sharp turns up at the Rovers to question Lucille and asks why she used a dangerous short cut when Big Norm wasn’t accompanying her. Maggie tells Janet what she knows of the Leeds trip but gets the brush off. Lucille remembers that after the attack she though she heard someone say her name. Hilda tells Stan her suspicions that Alan and Janet are having an affair and tells Stan to inform Len so that he can tell Alan the secret is out – to avoid further trouble. Dave sacks Lucille and takes on Jackie in her place. Sharp tells Dave they have a lead but refuses to give the name of the suspect. Annie is furious at the sacking. Stan tells Len about Janet and Alan. Len tells him to keep his mouth shut and for Hilda to be told the same. Janet refuses a request from Colin to go to the pictures. Alan tells Janet he’s scared of wagging tongues. Maggie overhears the conversation. Stan warns Hilda what Len will do to her if she gossips. Annie tells Dave he is callous. Len calls on Janet and she tells him that she and Alan spent the night together at the hotel.


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